About Us

The Beach Road Tea Company believes in promoting health, wellness and positivity. We were founded on a desire to help others achieve a better lifestyle and look their best.
If you are looking for help with weight loss, to speed up your metabolism or to lose that bloated feeling, our researched blend of organic teas are recommended by naturopaths and nutritionists all over the world. We have seen results in as little as one week.
The Beach Rd Tea Company offers superior blends, all created using natural, organic ingredients of the highest quality. Our teas are preservative, additive and laxative free, unlike inferior tea blends on the market.
Do you need extra help?
We provide assistance to get you started on the path to a new you, by providing recipes, eating plans and even an exercise guide.
Live, laugh, love and always take time out for you.
That is what the Beach Road Tea Co. is all about.